The advantages of managed funds and the bullish affair


Fund management

Let me ask you? You are a trader or an investor, but do you have enough experience and resources and first-hand information or access to a wide range of global markets?

If the answer is an honest ‘No’ read on…..

We at Stockmaxim bring you a wide range of markets for you to invest along with authorized and experienced fund managers at your disposal. They have first-hand information and experience especially in US markets and stock exchanges mainly NYSE and NASDAQ where the liquidity is unmatched and supported by the giants of corporate world like FB, IBM, Microsoft to name a few.

As a trader in India, you may not have the direct access to these stocks, may be CFDs through a Forex broker. But CFDs are not the real way to get access to the real market.

We bring you the power of NYSE and NASDAQ directly to you. You may ask how the returns are possible. Well the secret lies in two things

  1. Liquidity
  2. The conversion rate of INR vs USD

If you are an Indian trader and you trade blue chip stocks like SBI, Maruti, HDFC and Reliance, you might have experienced how long hours that to excruciating you need to spend to earn couple of thousands a day, that too if the stocks are moving pretty fast and is a good day for you. But in US markets the hours are cut short to mere seconds because of the M Cap and high liquidity. We have access to these markets and that is why we urge you to invest in INR and earn in Dollars.

High Returns

This is where the conversion rate comes into play. One dollar is equal to our sixty-five rupees. Earning a mere 10-15% on an investment of USD 1500 (One lakh Indian Rupees) is a matter of seconds or minutes for an experienced fund manager. When that comes to India in dollars, it is a substantial amount for us. That is our secret. We make the conversion rate to your advantage. What is our benefit? Anything more than 10% we take it and it is as simple as that.


  1. Your capital is guaranteed
  2. Your 10% returns are guaranteed
  3. Documentation will be provided
  4. You will have read access to your account
  5. Funds are managed by you ( We will not touch it)
  6. Withdrawals are done by you

Is it legal in India?

Yes, it is…many people do not know this Please read through this RBI link

Yes, you can invest in the US Market, but you need to do some documentation and need to open an account there with some well-reputed broker.

Under Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) of RBI, resident Indians are allowed to remit up to $2,50,000 in a financial year to invest into stocks

Advantages of managed funds

Managed finances genuinely have their advantages, even though it is questionable whether or not the common investor is familiar with these blessings.

Fundamentally, the main benefit of the professionally managed funds is that they provide access to an investment that gives several investing possibilities that the individual investor would in any other case no longer had been able to get right of entry to.

Additionally, the wide variety of controlled budget available ensures that the personal requirements of every investor can be met. Whether excessive risk/excessive capital increase investments or the low chance funding that provides regular earnings over a time period, managed finances offer answers for nearly each investor.

Main advantages include:

  • Diversification of risk
  • Professional management
  • Buying strength
  • Access to International markets and investments
  • Convenience

Diversification of Risk

Managed funds can hold several investment scenarios. These investments can be diversified across countries, asset classes, industries, and companies. A “diverse” portfolio reduces the impact of any fluctuations in an investment’s market value.

For example, take an individual investor and a managed fund with an investment universe of stocks A, B and C. The first investor holds $100,000 of stock C and a managed fund holds $100,000 of stocks A, B, and C, equally weighted. If the market value of stock C declines by 10% then the first investor would lose $10,000, whereas the managed fund’s loss would be limited to approximately $3,300 or 3.3%.


Fund managers are experienced and certified professionals who specialize in the selection and maintenance of investments. The supervisor maintains extensive contacts outdoor the firm and has got admission to unique records, which collectively with in-house understanding, allow it to make knowledgeable well-timed choices on behalf of traders and investors.

Fund managers are in regular contact with the markets in which they invest, thus providing a selected benefit for investors wanting to invest in markets or sectors in which they have little or no experience in.

Buying Capacity

Buying capacity comes from the capability to buy in bulk. The expenses can be decreased if the fund supervisor negotiates better deals for you. By pooling your property with other traders through managed funds, you furthermore may gain access to an expansion of investments that you could have no longer be capable of invest in as an individual trader or investor.

Managed funds provide individual traders and investors enter into markets and techniques that depend upon economies of scale.

Gateway to International Markets

Managed funds offer the non-public investor with the opportunity to invest their money across the world, depending on what is requested by means of the investor.

For instance, there is price range that makes investments immediately into mounted markets inclusive of Europe, Australia, and America. There also are funds that make investments into specific regions inclusive of Europe and Asia and there is the budget that even invests into rising markets, along with Western Asia and Latin America.

While a private investor may additionally indeed be able to make investments thru their broking across the world, through a controlled fund you’re permitting professionals to make investments within the first-rate viable international investments, dictated through the funds’ predetermined mandate.

Fund managers are tapped into global statistics networks which give no longer handiest information on nearby possibilities but also stock particular records from the world over.


We manage your paperwork and your taxes and all the other complicated works for you of course with your permission. You do not have to buy that phony expensive trading signal software, which is a hoax anymore along with those annoying tip givers. Our experienced staff will give you sound financial know how and information that is relevant for you to make that dream of yours comes true. Be it a gadget you want or be it a real estate investments; you need a surplus cash flow to your account. We take care of that.

The Bullish Affair

Check out our trading results below and the bullish affair we want you to have. Yes, the financial markets are a risky place. Do you want to break your head on a daily basis over there or would you like us to manage your funds in International markets where the conversion rates kick into your advantage?

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Think about it, and we would like to hear from you…..

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