Why most of the fund managers fail to make income consistently?

In India, you might have seen fund managers failing miserably on the course. This is because most fund managers are investing in mutual funds. You may have to wait a long time for some good returns. Trust me it is very frustrating to wait that long period. Not to mention that the fund managers in India, I mean most of them have some set rules and set goals and are not ready to explore more options and territories.

This is where we come in with a difference. We provide fund management in different territories and the pan world. We bring you the most Liquid exchanges like NYSE and NASDAQ to India. The conversion rates and the liquidity makes a huge difference in the returns as we will explain that below.

Making a mere 10% in your account is easy as pie.

With an aim to bring the most liquid markets to Indian traders we were incorporated. Our aim is to provide an area of opportunity for Indian market traders to double and triple fold their profits in comparatively in few minutes or hours, instead of waiting the whole day for the market to move favorably. The trading software and trading methods are the same, with spending few hours you can master the software and start earning in Dollars with few thousands of investments. The most attractive part is the 20 times leverage we provide.

If your investment is $1000, you’re buying power will be of $20000.

The above is an assertion of the reality that Stock Maxim adheres to strict regulatory requirements and takes steps to shield customers’ finances and monetary instruments. Clients can focus all their interest on buying and selling (trading) without being worried about their investments. This way that your cash is in secure hands and for this reason ensures that you can cognizance all of your attention in your trading. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients have the tools they want to efficiently execute on line trading. Advanced trading equipment, expert consumer / technical help, and a cozy buying and selling surroundings are but many of the tools we positioned at your disposal.

Stock Maxim prides itself on offering with very aggressive charges for its customers. Clients receive access to a number of the most professional inventory markets inclusive of NASDAQ and NYSE. Stock Maxim has constructed its reputation as a sincere funding company, turning in excessive pleasant, reliable low-value trading services to all its clients. Our long-standing dating with pinnacle-tier monetary establishments which includes banks and controlled brokerage corporations around the sector, mixed with our business ECN model (Electronic Communications Networks), enable us to provide our customers with aggressive pricing and quality of execution. Therefore we are able to and we will offer all the applicable tools and support for our customers’ subsequent fulfillment.

As a regulated Investment Firm, customers can be confident that Stock Maxim constantly meets strict requirements of financial balance and correct behavior towards customers’ budget and economic gadgets.

How Stockmaxim fund management can make you profit in Dollars vs INR

At Stock maxim, we manage your funds with highly regulated firms. The advantages of Stock maxim fund management are that we take the trading burden out of our hands, but the control remains in your hand.

Deposit and withdrawals in your account are done by you.

We do not take control of your funds

No third parties or agents involved

Benefits of NYSE and NASDAQ

All right, here is the thing, unlike BSE and FOREX, there are strict and predictable times and periodical movement strategies. That our expert team knows when to trade and the biggest factor is the time frames. What an Indian trader spends in front of the computer to earn few hundred can be earned in a few seconds and since the earnings are in Dollars when the conversion rates apply that is a good sum of money.

That is how we are able to give up to 15% (10 % guaranteed with capital guaranteed) returns to our clients. Remember, you will be paying our share because the money, account, and funding methods are in your control.

Is investment allowed?

Yes, you can invest in the US Market, but you need to do some documentation and need to open an account there with some well-reputed broker.

Under Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) of RBI, resident Indians are allowed to remit up to $2,50,000 in a financial year to invest into stocks. Check this link, some of the International Indices that trade on NSE/BSE. It is a lot easier to trade in below mentioned than to open an overseas trading account.

Profit trading method

We give a chance for you to safeguard your capital further. When the capital is doubled, you can withdraw your capital in full and let us manage the profit only on a 50/50 sharing basis. It is the most win situation to both parties.

Remember, you are in control of your account, not us. We simply have to trust you that you will pay our share.

We would like to bring this trustworthiness and transparency to this field where millions of people have been exploited by scammers. Talk to us and take the burden off your head and enjoy your time. Let us work for you.


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